Thoughts On The "Wine Festival Dust-Up"

Maureen Searle •

To the editor: I have to admit that the wine festival dust-up made my blood boil, and I don’t even drink. But, once again, it represents a case of an outside group — in this instance, Gordon Fine Wine, a Boston establishment — preemptively taking over a Nantucket tradition.

It may be true that the wine festival, like so many Nantucket traditions, is not for the Nantucket community but for the seasonal visitors. But this is outrageous. I am ashamed of the White Elephant for switching loyalties.

When the clam shack was in doubt, Karp did the right thing — after some nudging — and picked up the phone to settle the matter with Charles Johnson. I would ask that Karp once again pick up the phone and call Rick Gordon and inform him that, on second thought, he is staying with Bean’s Wine and Food Festival.

If he cares about Nantucket, he will do this for the island, and, yes, for the Nantucket community.

Maureen Searle

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