Why 'Sconset Needs The New Electric Speed Sign

Karel Greenberg and Nell Wilson •

To the editor: The negative comments regarding the speed alert sign just installed in Sconset are overwhelming and disheartening. We normally would choose to ignore these unfriendly comments but thought best to raise awareness to those who might not visit 'Sconset in the summer months.

Speeding has become a terrible issue for the entire island as well as our community. And by community, we do not speak only for those who live in Sconset, but to the thousands of visitors who enjoy lunch at Claudette’s, a bike ride from Town, an ice cream at the Market, a walk on the bluff path or visit to the historic lighthouse in the summer season.

Sconset is on every social media site as a place to visit when you are on Nantucket thereby attracting visitors from all over the country.

Along with our many visitors, the construction and landscaping vehicles, and all other traffic brings great danger to our children and pedestrians especially when speeding becomes rampant.

The Sconset Civic Association reached out to the town and asked for help. We first met with Police Chief Bill Pittman and Lieutenant Angus MacVicar to discuss what we could do as policing on a full-time basis in the area was not possible. We reached out to the transportation department and DPW to ask for suggestions so that we could better protect this beautiful historic village for all.

The Sconset Civic Association requested support from the town and its committees, for a speed alert sign on all entry streets into Sconset as a way to increase awareness of the 25 mph in thickly settled areas and encourage safe driving speeds.

Milestone onto Main Street has become a speedway, Milestone onto New Street a speedway, as well as Morey, Ocean, Polpis and Sankaty Road.

What would you do? Wouldn’t you do all that you could to protect your children from harm?

Thank you from the Sconset Civic Association and all its members, to the DPW, director Andrew Patnode, and transportation planner Mike Burns, for their coordination of this sign and their recognition that Sconset has become a speeding nightmare.

It is our hope that this little sign that has caused so much attention just might save one life.

Respectively submitted,

Karel Greenberg and Nell Wilson
President and Chair, Sconset Civic Association

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