Charles Lewis Continues Annual "4/20" Celebration At Milestone Rotary

David Creed •

Charles Lewis 2024
Island resident Charles Lewis continued his tradition of celebrating "4/20" at the Milestone Rotary on Saturday. Photo by David Creed

For a 12th consecutive year, island resident Charles Lewis celebrated the unofficial cannabis holiday known as 4/20 at the Milestone Rotary on Saturday.

Lewis, originally from Mississippi, has become well-recognized for his annual appearance at the rotary with his flag and music blaring - which began long before Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational cannabis use in 2016.

His celebration attracts plenty of honks and yells from drivers as they pass by. Lewis confirmed to the Current this was his 12th year doing this and that he has no plans of stopping his annual celebration anytime soon.

"I’m gonna keep going until the day I die!”

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