Judith Salter: A Woman Of Many Talents

Leslie Linsley •


Although most island residents might recognize Judith Salter from the paint department at Marine Home Center, this bundle of creative energy has many other talents which she expresses outside of her full-time job. Working with natural materials associated with the island – things like seashells, boat rope and stones - Salter creates jewelry and decorative accessories. And that’s not all she does. Using a different medium, Salter’s paintings are an expression of her love of nature. Even so, when asked what she enjoys most she doesn’t hesitate to talk about her cooking.

“Cooking is my passion,” says Judith.

Over the years when I encountered Judith in different departments of Marine Home Center, she was always eager to share what she was currently working on after hours, showing me her latest creation on her tablet. And over and over I was surprised by the diversity

of her talents and professionalism in so many areas. She is truly one of the unsung creative people that make up our community.


When asked what advice she would give to others, Salter says, “surprise yourself! Try something new for the fun of it and see where it leads you.” Judith, who has two grown daughters yet looks like a teenager herself, lives with her lifelong partner, Jeff Morash. They’ve just put a kitchen in their new house where she also has a studio. Lately she’s been experimenting with making dog treats although admittedly she has a passion for baking bread and cooking soup with ingredients that are grown in her garden. Styling and photographing her creations has become another endeavor and she does this with the same enthusiasm that is part of who she is. So the next time you’re buying paint at Marine Home Center, you might want to take advantage of Judith’s talent and get a professional opinion if you’re in doubt about the color to choose. Next year I hope to see her work in a local gallery or at one of the many craft fairs.

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