Photo Gallery: Surfing Nobadeer

Chris Tran •

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Baird Parent surfing at Nobadeer. Photos by Chris Tran

A high surf advisory last Friday meant many people decided to stay out of the waters along the south shore. For a handful of Nantucket's surfers, it was an opportunity they took full advantage of. Photographer Chris Tran was at Nobadeer and captured an incredible set of images of the group on the waves.

A5 A81482 A64 E 44 A9 86 A3 031 F124 B5 A3 C
Jack Glowacki
EC8 F5236 1117 4 CB3 B833 2 C0 C4 EF9 E926
Kydon Larrabee
82 FB4211 2 E51 4271 8875 352 CBA593 C5 C
Jackson Roberts
9 D9 E9 DF2 81 FA 4249 9 E25 D5 A3 DF9 A638 D
Liam Hughes
B22 B57 F9 9 CA0 4 F26 8364 DDA0305 F36 A3
Baird Parent
93 A4 C3 D5 D40 F 46 B4 BBA0 07 C1 BAA0 E162
Luke Johnson
B4 A8 D5 E3 E7 C0 4 B32 B3 D2 96985 EA9 F97 B
74 F48 F7 D 3221 41 FD 9 F45 CE164012 AA0 F
Cody Halliwell
FEF15 D6 D CB92 46 B1 A4 D6 DFD960 D9 D40 E
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