Remembering Nantucket's "Silent Hero" Ethan Manske

Jamie Howarth •

Nantucket resident Ethan Manske, a longtime and well-known Stop & Stop employee, passed away suddenly last week at the age of 44. Jamie Howarth wrote the following about the man so many are remembering fondly for his positive, friendly nature:

Ethan was a private person, but in other ways he was very much a public figure. He was seen by so many doing his job, pushing the carts at Stop & Shop in all weather, always leaning into his work. Ethan likely went unnoticed by the visitors, but he was well-known to locals, even if many of us sadly - and perhaps a bit carelessly - didn’t get to know him in our hurry to jump in our cars and head home.

Ethan was loved at the Boys & Girls Club where he assisted coaching baseball and was a big Whalers sports fan. He was often seen in the audience at Theater Workshop as well as at the Sea Grille, which he loved. Heather Shelby - a former Stop and Shop manager - called him a “silent hero,” and said he “never complained. Ethan always wanted to work late and come in early, we looked out for him”.

Another Stop & Shop co-worker, Miles McGeoghegan said "It’s been a tough week; we’ve all been trying to get used to him being gone."

Ethan carried his challenge quietly, shunned special treatment, and was always on an even keel.

Gone too soon.

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