18 Nantucket Runners Partake In The 2023 Falmouth Road Race

David Creed •

Falmouth Road Race
From Left to Right (Back): Susie Tapley, Cassie Thompson, Kelsey Perkins, Jaimie Collum, Jessica Gage, Tracy Nichols, Jim Pignato, Marty McCrave, John Myers. Left To Right (First Row): Erin Myers, Jennie Cook. Photo courtesy of Tracy Nichols.

There were 18 registered Nantucket residents who sailed over to Falmouth to run in the 51st annual Falmouth Road Race on Sunday. 11 of those runners (pictured above) ran the seven-mile course for Swim Across America Nantucket, which raises funds for on-island cancer care and oncology research.

SAAN has now raised over $700,000 this year – surpassing last year’s record amount of $525,000 by a wide margin. They are still taking donations here.

Below are the results for each runner.

David Desnoyers: 44:05

Martin McGrave: 47:37

Jim Pignato: 1:01:29

Jennie Cook: 1:07:38

Erin Myers: 1:07:38

Sarah Desnoyers: 1:08:11

Jaimie Collum: 1:08.54

Kaitlyn Clinger: 1:12:12

Susie Tapley: 1:13:16

Kelsey Perkins: 1:13:17

Anna Kopfler: 1:14.42

Cassie Thompson: 1:15:59

Angela Paterson: 1:23:44

Meghan Giacalone: 1:30.46

Jessica Gage: 1:35.54

Tracy Nichols: 1:35:54

According to the race’s database, Katie Manchester and John Myers also ran the race but their times are not posted.

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