Behind The Scenes Footage: Jake & Myah Johnson Photoshoot

David Creed •

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In case you missed it, the Current revealed its latest athletes of the month in the Wednesday, March 13 newsletter - Jake & Myah Johnson.

The Johnson siblings are two of the latest high-end swimmers to develop and perform within a Nantucket Swim program that has dominated Cape & Islands competition over the past two decades. Below is a video edited by videographer Chris Sebastian with clips and cuts from the photoshoot earlier this month.

Kit Noble is anchoring this monthly project and is responsible for all photography while sports photographer Chris Tran & sports editor David Creed assisted behind the scenes with video, production equipment, and set up of the photoshoot.

The Nantucket Current runs a series where we highlight an athlete on the island once per month – sometimes when under unique circumstances such as the Johnson’s case, we will feature more than one.

This player doesn’t always need to be the superstar or flashy athlete. It can be someone whose greatest contributions come when no one else is looking or be someone whose impact is substantial during the game but wildly under-appreciated by the common spectator.

Have a suggestion for the next Nantucket Current Athlete of the Month? Send your idea to for consideration!

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Director of photography: Kit Noble
Production + videography: David Creed
Addition video + stills: Chris Tran
Video editing + music: Chris Sebastian

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