Current Waters: BGB Fishing Tournament Begins

Capt. Carl Bois •

We’ve turned that corner into August and the fishing remains great. Bluefishing is solid, especially around Great Point.

Striped bass fishing still holding strong. It’s helpful to know when, where, and why to make it happen. If you don’t have that knowledge yourself, seek out someone who does. There’s lots of salty anglers around.

Tuna fishing has been great for those who can take the time to get out there.

Bottom fishing is improving. As August kicks off, there are now some bonito around, but not in great numbers yet.

We’ve also seen some super early albies (false albacore) caught this week. Don’t expect to see much yet, but these early ones give us a taste for what’s to come.

Sharks, sharks, and more sharks. That’s all we seem to hear (or talk) about lately. Yes, there are lots of sharks and lots of different species. It’s an ocean. Where there is food for them, the sharks will be there. If there’s bait for them, there is feed for others making for a good fishery.

We’re going to switch gears a bit and get away from all the shark talk.

This weekend, Nantucket is hosting the Big Game Battle (BGB), a two-day, invitation-only fishing tournament that raises big bucks for various charities. This off-shore sport tournament began in 2001 and has raised over $1 million for charities such as the Dana-Farber Cancer Research Institute, the Jimmy Fund, Juvenile Diabetes and the Nantucket STAR program, among others. In 2020, the very beginning of COVID, the BGB raised funds for local organizations particularly affected by the pandemic; the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club and PASCON.

The Big Game Battle started as just a 3-boat tournament and now has over 50 boats with more than 300 participating anglers all battling for the largest, most fish of multiple species. Anglers for the tournament leaving from Nantucket will fish off-shore all the way to the canyons the closets one being approximately 80 miles, depending on their strategy. They are in search of a large variety of game fish from Bluefin, Yellowfin, Albacore, Mahi, Blue & White Marlin, Big Eye, and more.

Participants leave from the Nantucket Boat Basin, a tournament sponsor, will also be hosting many off-shore fishing boats of all sizes and styles because of this tournament. Now is a great time to stroll down and see some sexy fishing boats.

The BGB is a catch and release tournament, but boats will likely be bringing table fare home.

Yes, it’s invite-only, but you can be sure to check out fishing boats from all over the east coast down at the boat basin. The Nantucket Boat Basin will be full of fishing comradery and fishing stories – this is where the real fun is had.

Boats started arriving Thursday afternoon with a captain meeting in the evening. Friday morning kicked off early, no lines could be in the water before 5am. The two-day tournament ends on Saturday with boats having to be in no later than 7 p.m.

As you’re reading this article, they’re out already trying to put their best catch on. Tight lines and be safe to all the anglers out there.

You can follow their social media here for results and potentially updates.

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