Photo Gallery: 2023 Nantucket Triathlon

David Creed •

Beau Garufi
Beau Garufi has now won seven Nantucket Triathlons since 2013.

The Nantucket Triathlon took place Saturday morning, with Nantucket’s very own Beau Garufi coming away as the victor for a third straight year.

Garufi, 33, finished with a blazing time of 1:00.52. The next fastest time was 1:06.01. Garufi now has seven Nantucket Triathlon titles since beginning in 2013: 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022, 2023.

After Garufi the next fastest time for a Nantucket participant was Jim Congdon, who finished seventh overall and first in the age 60-64 division with a time of 1:11.14.

On the female side, Danielle O’Dell was Nantucket’s top performer. She placed second overall among females with a strong time of 1:17.13.

The course for the triathlon begins at Jetties Beach with a quarter mile swim. The participants then embark on a 13.4 mile bike ride from Bathing Beach Road all the way out to Millie’s in Madaket after taking several other roads. After turning around and re-racking their bikes, the participants then run along a 3.4 mile course similar to the Brant Point Runners weekly run.

A great day, and a special shoutout to all the volunteers who made the event possible, as well as the Nantucket Police, Nantucket Harbormaster/Lifeguard team, and Nantucket Fire who were on scene ensuring everyone was safe.

Below are some photos taken during the event.

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40 F80 B8 E ED56 4 DC0 ABBF F7 D9 BF7 F0184
B2871 C94 E055 491 F B527 3 F403 F668 D71
C60 F6 FD4 64 F5 4 CFA 862 C D83424836758
3 DBBD5 E6 B6 D4 45 FF B44 D 5219 F198 D194
E32 AB23 E D55 A 4 D8 B B3 BF E98520590 AE5
E97 A160 B 3453 419 B AC22 BD47 DB8 EB757
IMG 4688
IMG 4696
IMG 4715
IMG 4717
IMG 4722
IMG 4774
IMG 4750
IMG 4765
IMG 4789
Beau Garufi
Beau Garufi has now won seven Nantucket Triathlons since 2013.
IMG 4797
IMG 4799
IMG 4817
IMG 4843
IMG 4847
IMG 4859
IMG 4868
IMG 4872
IMG 4874
IMG 4879
IMG 4886
IMG 4894
IMG 4908
IMG 4917
IMG 4930
IMG 4932
IMG 4937
IMG 4941
IMG 4950
IMG 4965
IMG 4967
IMG 4970
IMG 4995
IMG 4999
IMG 8391
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