Photo Gallery: Girls On The Run 5K

David Creed •

IMG 9131
Island runner Jim Congdon high-fiving runners ahead of Tuesday's 5K. Photo by David Creed

Girls On The Run (GOTR) Greater Boston Chapter and the Nantucket Community School partnered this spring to create a program where volunteer coaches facilitated lessons with girls grades 3-5 over a two month span that blended physical activity with life skill development including managing emotions, fostering friendships, and expressing empathy. 

Girls On The Run is a national 501(c)(3) program and the Nantucket chapter was founded by Kate Chambers and Bridgette Hynes. Chambers previously served as a volunteer coach in Denver for a couple of years before moving to the island and said after witnessing the positive impact the program had on girls in Denver, she wanted to bring that same program to Nantucket. Hynes, owner of the Nantucket Run Centre, had previously heard of the program and the duo worked side by side to create the island's chapter.

The lessons, which involved five Nantucket Intermediate School students and five volunteer coaches, took place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:30-4:00 p.m. The first lesson was on April 4.

The end of the season is celebrated by a Community Impact Project and a 5K. However, the 5K race was orchestrated by the Boston chapter and held in the city on June 1 in the early morning hours, so it didn't make logistical sense for Nantucket participants to be able to attend. This led to Chambers and Hynes getting creative.

Ultimately plans were set in motion for Girls On The Run to team up with Brant Point Runners to participate in the first Brant Point Runners 5K of the 2024 summer season. These community fun runs take place every Tuesday night from early June through early September with about 25-50 runners of all ages and levels joining in the event.

This collaborative run was held on Tuesday, June 4 at 5:15 p.m. and began on Easton Street. Below are some photos taken by the Current of the runners during the 5K.

IMG 9174
IMG 9221
IMG 9162
IMG 9123
IMG 9197
IMG 9212
IMG 9239
IMG 9231
IMG 9340
IMG 9365
IMG 9424
IMG 9425
IMG 9423
IMG 9350
IMG 9370
IMG 9374
IMG 9249
IMG 9245
IMG 9076
IMG 9251
IMG 9111
IMG 9269
IMG 9284
IMG 9289
IMG 9294
IMG 9299
IMG 9375
IMG 9382
IMG 9392
IMG 9422
IMG 9432
IMG 9436
IMG 9443
IMG 9455
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