Photo Gallery: Race Week's Alerion Indian Long Race

David Creed •

IMG 9986

Nantucket Race Week kicked off day one of their five-day schedule on Wednesday that will feature regattas, award ceremonies, and parties. There are racing events scheduled daily through Sunday, August 20 and sailors of all levels are welcome to participate in the events.

Nantucket Race Week is hosted by the Nantucket Yacht Club and the Great Harbor Yacht Club to benefit Nantucket Community Sailing, a non-profit, educational organization that provides affordable access to sailing and water sports to the public. NCS offers free sailing and water sports through community outreach programs to the island community including the Nantucket High School Sailing Team, scholarships to year-round island youth, adaptive sailing for children of all abilities, and therapeutic sails for senior citizens.

The Current was out on the water with Race Week's co-chair, Bill Liddle, aboard the Fortuna for the Alerion Indian Long Race. It featured a path from the harbor all the way out to Wauwinet before sailors sailed all the way back to the west side of Coatue just past the tip of Brant Point. Sailors then rounded a marked buoy for the finish line up ahead in the harbor. Liddle placed third out of 13 sail boats.

Looking ahead, the Nantucket Regatta will take place on Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19 before the week's biggest event - The Opera House Cup - is slated to take place on Sunday, August 20 with approximately 75 sail boats vying for the trophy in its 51st year.

The parade of wooden boats will begin at 9 a.m. on Sunday while the rainbow boat parade will begin at 9:40 a.m. The Opera House Cup will begin at approximately 10:45 a.m., and an Opera House Cup awards party will take place on Jetties Beach at 6 p.m.

Below are some photos taken while out on the water, as well as some photos shared by photographer Ray Saunders.

IMG 2551sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
IMG 2602sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
IMG 2617sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
IMG 2674sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
IMG 2708sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
IMG 2721sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
IMG 2738sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
4 G2 A0145sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
4 G2 A0184sm
Photo by Ray Saunders
IMG 0013
Photos below by David Creed
IMG 9610
IMG 9723
IMG 9748
IMG 9758
IMG 9823
IMG 9835
IMG 9850
IMG 9861
IMG 9868
IMG 9870
IMG 9873
IMG 9883
IMG 9895
IMG 9896
IMG 9897 2
IMG 9908
IMG 9922
IMG 9929
IMG 9932
IMG 9938
IMG 9946
IMG 9949
IMG 9962
IMG 9971
IMG 9973
IMG 9977
IMG 9987
IMG 9990
IMG 9991
IMG 9999
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