Three Youth Island Sailors In Miami For International Regatta

David Creed •

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From left to right: Luke Steindler, Archie Ferguson, Mia-Claire Porter, Rory Murray, and Avery Moore. All five are in Miami, Florida this week for the Orange Bowl International Regatta. Photo courtesy of Rory Murray.

Three members of the Nantucket High School sailing team are in Miami, Florida this week participating in the Orange Bowl International Regatta, which has become a prestigious regatta that brings world-class sailing talent to South Florida in a five-day event. It has become the largest international youth regatta in the United States and South America for sailors ages 8-18 and has started many sailors’ Olympic careers.

The regatta begins Wednesday, December 27 and runs through Saturday, December 30 – featuring more than 700 sailors from 21 different nations. The crew, which is made up of NHS sailors Rory Murray (junior NHS sailing captain), Archie Ferguson (senior NHS sailing captain), and Avery Moore - as well as Luke Steindler, who is not an NHS sailor but is crewing for Murray.

Mia-Claire Porter, an NIS third grade teacher who will be an assistant coach for the NHS sailing team this spring, is also in Miami with the sailors after she offered her assistance and has previously competed in the Orange Bowl herself.

The crew arrived in Florida early and has had three extra practice days to prepare. Murray said the experience has been fascinating so far and that they already had a large group of Spanish ILCA sailors arrive in Florida on Tuesday. They have also already met and seen sailors from Canada and Sweden.

This opportunity is not affiliated with the Nantucket High School in any way, Murray said, and is independent of any organization. Funds were raised by those involved.

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