Tim Psaradelis Steps Down As Nantucket Football Head Coach After Two Seasons

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Nantucket football head coach Tim Psaradelis stepped down from his position after two seasons. Photo by David Creed.

Nantucket football head coach Tim Psaradelis has stepped down from the position after two years leading the program. Psaradelis told coaches about his decision on Sunday. As for the players, he sent them a message Sunday morning via Hudl.

"Not easy by any means," Psaradelis said. "This team should have some bright days ahead of them. So much talent and a great group of humans."

Psaradelis, in a prepared statement, wrote the following as well about what went into his decision including a reference to a "somewhat toxic environment."

“Essentially, my effort and vision were only being supported by some staff members. Support shows itself in various ways: being open and honest about what I, as (head coach), can do better or differently, asking questions, and being receptive to new ideas, to name a few. With this, I was in a somewhat toxic environment. My options were to remove the toxicity or remove myself. Ultimately, after taking a different tack, I arrived at my departure. If my well-being is compromised, I can't be present and give to my players entirely. We have to fix ourselves before we can serve others. I love each of my players and know they are bound for many successes in the future season(s).”

When asked about the toxic environment, which was first reported by the Inquirer & Mirror, Psaradelis said that he "wasn't digging the drama/spotlight around this whole thing."

"I just want these players to have great success next year," he said. "I am okay with being told I am wrong or there is a better way. I have and will make mistakes. I needed open and honest communication and I wasn't getting that. I take that as a failure on my part, for no other reason than I know I can fix me."

Assistant head coach Mark Willett told the Current that he will always be very appreciative of Psaradelis and what he did for the Whaler football program.

“It was a hard decision for him,” Willett, who has coached alongside Psaradelis for nine years, said. “I respect everything he has done for the program and the players, including my own son who he coached and had a positive impact on.”

Senior captain and starting quarterback/wide receiver Carlos Aguilar was a three year starter for the program and worked closely with Psaradelis. He told the Current Monday night that playing for "Coach Tim" was a huge experience for him and that Psaradelis has been in his life since the sixth grade.

"He always told me he would have my back and he in fact always did," Aguilar said. "My sophomore year all I wanted to do was play basketball and him and Makai (Bodden, NHS Class of 2022) after so much talking, they eventually convinced me to come back and play (football) again. Definitely do not regret one bit of it. I loved playing under coach from when he trusted me to be his quarterback with a very good team in 2021 being like 7-3, to our 1-8 season, and to this year 3-7.

"It’s not easy being a new head coach. He always taught us to be patient and with time success will come eventually. He was still learning and we all trusted that the coaches knew what they were doing. Definitely had an impact on me just like a few other coaches during the success days, and the days where we would lose more then we won."

Psaradelis was a member of the Whaler football coaching staff from 2009-2015 - including the 2011 Super Bowl Championship Team - before rejoining the staff in 2018. He served as the varsity team's offensive and defensive coordinators at various points throughout his coaching career prior to being named head coach in May of 2022. He has also spent time coaching the program's JV team.

Psaradelis graduated from Nantucket High School in 1997. He played football for legendary Nantucket football head coach Vito Capizzo from 1993-1996.

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Photo by David Creed
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