Volleyball Improves To 4-0

David Creed •

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Photography by David Creed

The Whaler volleyball team took down the St. John Paul II Lions 3-1 at Nantucket High School Wednesday afternoon, improving their record to 4-0 this season.

Addys Del Rosario Gomez led the team with eight aces while Chloe Marrero led the team with 15 kills.
Setter Bianca Santos finished with a season-high 27 assists. Libero Vicky Todorova finished with 30 digs.
Head coach Andrew Viselli said that while no player stood out above the test with a strong game, he felt a lot of players had good games, which is what good teams ultimately need to be able to put out on the court.

"We have to be pushed and I just said to the kids do matches like this have to happen? They do," Viselli said. "You have to see what your weaknesses are. That is a very good team and they exploited a lot of things that we need to work on. I think for me volleyball is mental anyways and it shows where the breakdowns are and it is interesting to watch what happens when they kind of get punched in the mouth and stumble back. Then are they celebrating each other or picking fights and blaming? It is interesting. I like to see where they are, what they are doing, and how they are responding to different situations."

Viselli said there is a different sort of stress that comes with playing in the games that brings out different sides of his players that can't be brought out when he is lecturing them and coaching them during practice.

Viselli said he feels Todorova is doing exactly what he is asking her to do as the team's libero. He said Marrero and senior outside hitter Kacey Riseborough had a lights out first set, but wants to see them maintain that same level of play for the entirety of the match.

The Whalers will have some time to rest up before resuming their regular season on Monday when they travel to Plymouth to take on the Rising Tide Herons at 4:00 p.m.

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