Current Court Report - February 20, 2024

David Creed •

This week's Current Court Report includes arraignments and dispositions from Tuesday's Nantucket District Court session.

After being continued without a finding for one year Timothy Forbes Bigelow, 36, of Boston had Sept. 3, 2021 charges of reckless operation of a motor vehicle and using a motor vehicle without authority dismissed. After being continued without a finding for eight months, Bigelow had a Sept. 4, 2021 charge of assault & battery on a person 60 years old or older dismissed.

Bigelow was involved in a very unique case where he led cops on a high speed chase in a white jeep that wasn't his. The twist is that all signs point to him having no idea he was using someone's vehicle without their permission.

On the night of the incident, Bigelow was with some "girls" that asked him if he could drive them home in the white jeep parked downtown where they were located. Bigelow agreed, drove them home, and once they arrived at the destination, Bigelow's attorney John Diamond said that Bigelow asked them where he should park the car, to which they responded by telling him that it wasn't their car and they didn't know whose vehicle it was.

You can read the full story here.

Domicio Eduardo Da Silva Sousa, 34, of Nantucket was arraigned on Feb. 16th charges of possessing a class B drug and three minor motor vehicle offenses. He had not-guilty pleas entered on his behalf and was ordered to return to court March 25th for a pretrial hearing.

Chevonne A. Pratt, 43, of Nantucket will have an Aug. 1, 2022 charge of violating a harassment prevention order continued without a finding for six months on the condition she complete her probation without a violation.

Amarni P. Wellington, 24, of Nantucket will have an Oct. 17, 2023 charge of wanton destruction of property over $1,200 continued without a finding for six months on the condition he complete his probation without a violation. A charge of breaking & entering a building in the daytime for a felony stemming from the same incident was dismissed.

*All defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty under a court of law*

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