Man Charged Following Home Invasion With BB Gun

David Creed •

An island resident was arraigned in Nantucket District Court late Friday morning on charges that he allegedly invaded a home late Thursday night, physically assaulted an individual inside, and later threatened to shoot the alleged victim with a BB gun multiple times.

Yoaris M. Eustate Alvarado, 30, of Nantucket, pleaded not guilty to charges of home invasion, assault and battery, two charges of assault with a dangerous weapon (firearm), malicious destruction of property, and possession of ammunition without an FID Card or license to carry. He is currently being held in the Barnstable House of Corrections after being deemed as a danger to the community by the court. 

According to a police report filed with the court, officer Nicholas Iacozzi was dispatched to Surfside Road at Nanina Drive at 11:13 p.m. last night following a report of a male that had been assaulted and had a firearm pointed at his head.

Iacozzi said he spoke with the alleged victim in the case once he arrived and was told that he was visiting a friend’s house in the area of Nonantum Avenue when Alvarado arrived and entered the residence uninvited. The victim said Alvarado began to argue with the female resident at the home who he had been in a relationship with for seven months before it ended three days prior to the incident.

The alleged victim told police that he interrupted Alvarado during the argument, which enraged him to the point where Alvarado began to forcefully punch and push him. Alvarado pushed the victim onto the couch and punched him with a closed fist and when the victim attempted to stand up, Alvarado pushed the victim again with two hands onto a desk and told the victim “you don’t know who I am.”

Alvarado proceeded to leave the home, causing the victim to believe he was leaving the scene. But Alvarado quickly returned with what appeared to be a firearm, but was later identified by police as a BB gun, and pointed it at the victim’s head. Alvarado threatened to shoot the victim if he did not leave.

The victim immediately ran out of the house in a panic, according to the report, fearing he was going to be shot. Minutes later Alvarado left the home and saw the victim sitting in his car. When Alvarado asked the victim why he was still there, he told Alvarado he needed to go back into the home to retrieve his shoes and cell phone.

Alvarado then allegedly tapped the BB gun on the windshield of the victim’s car in a threatening manner and told him to leave or he was going to shoot him. The victim quickly drove away from the residence.

The victim was later transported by ambulance to Nantucket Cottage Hospital to be treated for a head laceration.

Public safety dispatchers told the responding police officers that the female resident came to the police station with the victim’s cell phone, which she said had been intentionally smashed on the ground by Alvarado to the point where it was broken and unusable.

Officers recovered the black BB gun firearm from the vehicle Alvarado was driving at the time and while conducting inventory of his property, they found one 9 mm FMJ Luger round. Iacozzi said in the report that Alvarado does not possess a license to carry or an FID card. Alvarado also acknowledged to having the round in his possession.

Alvarado was ordered to return to court on Monday, April 24 for a motion hearing, where he could potentially be ordered to remain in jail until his trial or the ending of his case.

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