Nantucket Man Has Gun Confiscated At Logan Airport

David Creed •

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A 43-year old Nantucket man was stopped during security screening at Boston Logan International Airport Tuesday morning after security detected a loaded 9 mm firearm in his luggage. The TSA say the gun was loaded with a chambered bullet and nine more rounds of ammunition."The 43-year-old Nantucket man stated he forgot the firearm was in his carry-on bag," the TSA said.

This was the 30th firearm detected during security screening at Logan Airport this year. The incident drew a response from the Massachusetts State Police and TSA officials say that the man was told he will receive a summons for court in the mail.

The Current reached out to the Massachusetts State Police requesting the identity of the man involved, but Trooper Brandon Doherty of the MSP's Office of Media Relations said they will not be releasing the name at this time since an arrest was not made on the scene.

"A person going through a TSA checkpoint to a JetBlue terminal had a pistol in their items," Doherty said. "The item was confiscated, and the individual was issued a summons to appear in court at a later date. Where the person was not arrested, we will not be releasing a name at this time."

This story will be updated.

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