Two Island Residents Charged With Breaking Into Motor Vehicles In Mid Island Area

David Creed •

Two island residents were arraigned in Nantucket District Court on Thursday on charges that allege they broke into a vehicle in the mid-island area and stole several items.

Igor Lenadro Ramos Goncalves, 21, of Nantucket, was arraigned on Oct. 12 charges of breaking and entering into a motor vehicle in the nighttime with the intent to commit a felony, larceny under $1,200, and receiving stolen property. He had not-guilty pleas entered on his behalf and while he had $1,000 bail set on these new charges, Goncalves had his bail temporarily revoked by Judge Thomas S. Barrett on two other open cases where Gonclaves is alleged to have stolen motor vehicles and/or used them without the permission of the vehicle's owner.

In one of these particular past cases, Gonclaves was in court in July for allegedly stealing a motor vehicle less than two hours after he was in court for a pretrial hearing on a case in which he allegedly stole another motor vehicle, which the Current reported on at that time.

Gonclaves was brought to the Barnstable House of Corrections Thursday afternoon where he will be held until a permanent decision on his bail status is made during his October 31 pretrial hearing. Barrett said while he hasn't made a final decision on Goncalves' case, he "doesn't see himself releasing" Gonclaves on October 31.

The other man arraigned in court was Jhan Barbosa on Oct. 12 charges of breaking and entering a vehicle in the nighttime with the intent to commit a felony and larceny under $1,200. He was also arraigned on Sept. 22 charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, intimidation of a witness/court official/police officer/juror, and two charges of assault and battery.

Barbosa was released on his personal recognizance on the breaking and entering case, but had his bail set at $750 on the assault and battery case. Barbosa was not able to immediately post that bail which resulted in him being transferred to the Barnstable House of Corrections.

The arrests come following a rash of mid-island break-ins that have been taking place across the island, in particular off Old South Road and on roads such as Greglen Avenue, Amelia Drive, Lovers Lane, Fairgrounds Road, and Allen's Lane. Cape and Island's Assistant District Attorney Michael Giardino said during Thursday's session that these two suspects are only being charged with one break-in at this time, although Gonclaves allegedly admitted to police that he and Barbosa had broken into "many vehicles."

Some of the items stolen were a vape, grinder, weed, pair of Jordan sneakers, $30 black fanny pack, and $50 cash. Giardino said that Goncalves told police that he and Barbosa "made a plan to break into a bunch of vehicles and steal weed and money." ICE detainers were placed on both individuals. Police asked Barbosa if they could enter the home and he said yes. When they entered Goncalves room they saw the fanny pack identified by the victim as missing.

On the assault and battery charges Barbosa is facing, police dispatched to a Greglen Avenue home and spoke to the alleged victim. The victim told police he saw Barbosa and another individual doing drugs in the basement. He yelled at them saying they couldn't do drugs in the basement anymore, which upset Barbosa, and told Barbosa they were no longer allowed in the house.

The victim said Barbosa proceeded to brandish a utility knife in his left hand and told the victim if he went to the police he would kill him. The victim said Barbosa pointed the knife within inches of his throat. The victim said Barbosa then punched him at the bridge of his nose and right eye socket area with a closed right fist. He was then punched in the right cheek bone by Barbosa which caused the victim to fall down.

The Current will continue to monitor these two cases in the event that more charges are brought forth on these two island residents.

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