Two Men Indicted In Nantucket Superior Court For Drug And Rape Charges

David Creed •

Two island residents were indicted by a grand jury during the Nantucket Superior Court session last week. One man is facing drug charges following a major island drug bust in March earlier this year where many drugs, including over 870 fentanyl pills were confiscated. The other man faces charges of aggravated rape of a child and possessing child pornography. No arraignment dates have been scheduled for either case and both indictments were returned on September 28.

The first man indicted was Ariste Alexander Lemus Ramirez. Lemus-Ramirez, 26, was arraigned in Nantucket District Court in March of this year. Court documents obtained by the Current allege that the full scope of the drugs possessed by Lemus-Ramirez were 874 fentanyl pills weighing 94 grams, 690 pills of Methamphetamine weighing 247 grams, 8.6 ounces of marijuana, over 30 MDMA pills, other unidentified yellow and multi-colored tablets. There was also $31,505 in cash found in a safe, drawers, bags, and a Bible.

Lemus-Ramirez was required to surrender his U.S. passport and comply with a GPS monitoring device upon paying bail, but is being held until his arraignment in Nantucket Superior Court occurs. You can read the full story with more details by clicking here.

The other man indicted was Adrian A. Bacchas on a charge of aggravated rape of a child (five year difference), two charges of rape of a child with force, and a charge of possessing child pornography.

Bacchas was arraigned on sexual assault charges in January of this year. According to a police report provided by the court detailing these charges, the alleged victim in the case spoke to Nantucket Police Detective Derek Witherell on Jan. 11 about several sexual assaults that took place from March 2021 to December 2021. You can read the full details on this story by clicking here.

On the possessing child pornography charge, Bacchas was arraigned on this in Nantucket District Court in March. According to the police report provided by the court, Bacchas’ iPhone was taken by Nantucket Police at the time of his arrest and was eventually searched by Detective Derek Witherell and Detective Amanda Schwenk after a search warrant was granted by District Court Clerk Magistrate Don Hart.

Witherell said he observed a video in Bacchas’ “recently deleted” folder of the alleged victim performing a sexual act. Witherell said the man’s face is never seen in the video, which is 59 seconds long and timestamped as December 20, 2021 at 3:51 p.m. For more details on this story, click here.

This story will be updated once arraignment details are finalized.

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