Two Island Residents Found Guilty On Felony Drug Charges

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Two island residents were found guilty on drug charges Friday afternoon in Nantucket Superior Court after hours of deliberation by a Nantucket jury that will put the convicted felons behind bars for years to come.

Netria S. Haywood, 54, was found guilty on an October 27, 2019 felony charge of trafficking 200 grams or more of cocaine. Haywood was ordered to serve 13 years in prison and was committed to the Framingham Correctional Facility Friday evening.

Haywood was credited with 136 days served following time spent behind bars as discovery and the case played out over these past two years. She had a misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to violate a drug law stemming from the same incident nolle prossed earlier this week.

Vincent Grant, 70, was found guilty on a felony charge of trafficking cocaine in an amount of 18 or more grams but less than 36 grams. He was ordered to serve three years in the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, a maximum security facility prison located in Lancaster, MA.

Grant was credited with 158 days served in prison for time behind bars while the case and discovery played out over these past two years. A misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to violate a drug law stemming from the same incident was nolle prossed.

According to a Nantucket Police press release from 2019, Haywood and Grant were both arrested at the same Hummock Pond Road residence in the early morning hours of October 27, 2019 by the Nantucket Police SWAT Team and Detective Unit after they executed a search warrant they received amidst suspicion that Haywood and Grant violated the Controlled Substance Act.

Following the search, authorities seized drugs with an estimated street value of $57,000.

Both Haywood and Grant were arraigned in Nantucket District Court on October 28, 2019 before being indicted in Superior Court 11 months later in September of 2020. They will be required to supply the state with a DNA sample.

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