Cold-Stunned Turtle Rescued From Coatue Beach

Jason Graziadei •

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With temperatures rapidly dropping, some species of marine life around the island are in danger of becoming cold stunned and stranding.
That was the case with a green sea turtle that was discovered alive but cold stunned on Coatue on Monday by island resident Jamie Ranney, who called the Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket (MMAN), which responded to the remote beach.
MMAN member Blair Perkins collected the turtle and said it would be shipped off on the last Hy-Line Cruises ferry tonight and sent to the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. It was one of several turtles that were found cold-stunned on island beaches on Monday and Tuesday.

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Another turtle was discovered on Coatue Tuesday afternoon by the Herrick family, who also contacted MMAN to relocate the animal. 

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Ranney also came upon a dead sunfish, sometimes called a Mola Mola, that had beached near the Coskata Pond inlet on the harbor side of Coatue. It is not believed to be the same sunfish that was rescued from the harbor last Friday.
It was one of several sunfish that had been spotted in the harbor in recent weeks and was being monitored by MMAN members. Perkins said the team would collect data from the deceased mola on Tuesday.
If you see a cold-stunned or stranded turtle, or any other injured, entangled or deceased marine mammal on Nantucket, call the @marinemammalrescueack hotline at 1-833-667-6626 for immediate assistance and response.

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