EZIA Athletic Club To Begin Initiative Supporting Youth Wellness On Island

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EZIA Athletic Club announced last week that they will begin new initiatives aimed at bolstering community well-being by launching an annual endowment of $30,000 to fully subsidize 24/7/365-access memberships for local youth.

"With a commitment to wellness at its core, EZIA is taking proactive steps to support the health and vitality of Nantucket residents of all ages," the club said in a press release. "This groundbreaking initiative provides young individuals with access to a safe and supportive environment where they can prioritize their mind and body. Additionally, EZIA is exploring opportunities for students to earn school credit through participation in its fitness programs, highlighting the integral connection between physical wellness and academic success."

This initiative is in collaboration with local organizations such as the Nantucket High School, the Boys & Girls Club, Fairwinds Counseling Center, and the Nantucket Community School.

"EZIA is addressing the unique wellness challenges faced by teenagers on the island," the athletic club said. "Through scholarships and access to essential health and fitness resources, EZIA and its partners are working to combat prevalent issues such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse among youth."

"We believe that wellness is the cornerstone of a thriving community," Isaiah Truman, owner of the EZIA Athletic Club added. "By investing in the well-being of our youth and providing access to quality health and fitness resources, we aim to foster a culture of wellness that extends throughout Nantucket."

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