New Urgent Care Clinic To Open On Weekends

Jason Graziadei •

IMG 9528

A new option for urgent medical care led by one of Nantucket’s most trusted physicians is set to open this weekend.

Dr. Tim Lepore, along with nurse practitioners Laura Kohtio-Graves and Meri Lepore, are preparing to open Bartlett Urgent Care at 4 ½ Bartlett Road. To start, the urgent care clinic will be open on Fridays and Saturdays. The clinic will be fee-for-service, and will not accept insurance.

Patients looking to book an appointment can call 617-326-3817 and are encouraged to leave a message with their contact information if no one is available to take their call right away

"Our island is in need of more accessible medical care," said Kohtio-Graves. "With weekends off and my kids back in school, I have more free time, so why not make the most of it? We wanted to keep things simple and easy — no insurance, no referrals — just quick care when it's needed.

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