New Video Surfaces Of Road Rage Incident Involving Hammer

Jason Graziadei •

The suspect in a road rage incident who smashed a truck with a hammer at the Surfside/Bartlett Road intersection on Aug. 27 has yet to be identified by Nantucket Police, but the Current has obtained this video of the episode through a Freedom of Information Act request.
While the driver of the Dodge Ram reported the attack to police and claimed they were simply following too close behind the moped, the video shows that they actually collided with the moped at the intersection, prompting the confrontation.
According to the police report, “the moped operator appears to be a white male, wearing hiking style sneakers, khaki shorts, a white t-shirt, a full face helmet that is gray on the top and black on the bottom with a full face visor, and has a green canvas backpack with what appears to be a Playboy Bunny patch on the bag. The moped is white, with the word ‘Buddy’ on the left side, there is no visible license plate or other identifiable marks/stickers. (The truck driver) stated that the male was approximately 5'7-5'8 tall and appeared to have blonde/brown hair and was probably in his early 40's.”
The case remains under investigation, according to Nantucket Police Lt. Angus MacVicar, and the department continues to work actively to identify the moped driver.

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