Photo Gallery: Nantucket Free Mason's 250th Anniversary Celebration

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Free Mason Celebration
Photo by Kit Noble

On Saturday the Nantucket Free Masons celebrated the 250th anniversary of the island’s Union Lodge F. & A.M., which was founded in 1771, making it the fifth oldest chapter in the nation. 

This video shows their procession around downtown. The 250th celebration was delayed two years by the pandemic.

Below are some photos taken of the celebration by the Current's photographer at large, Kit Noble.

DSC02165 Large
DSC02169 Large
DSC02171 Large
DSC02173 Large
DSC02176 Large
DSC02178 Large
DSC02180 Large
DSC02182 Large
DSC02185 Large
DSC02195 Large
DSC02202 Large
DSC02204 Large
DSC02207 Large
DSC02219 Large
DSC02231 Large
DSC02238 Large
DSC02242 Large
KNP02092 Large
KNP02096 Large
KNP02098 Large
KNP02099 Large
KNP02100 Large
KNP02103 Large
KNP02109 Large
KNP02114 Large
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