Photo Gallery: Nantucket Fire Department Charity Car Wash

David Creed •

IMG 6279

The Nantucket Fire Department held a charity car wash at the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club late Saturday morning through the early hours of the afternoon.

From 11-2, there was a steady flow of vehicles of all sizes coming through the parking lot, prompting NFD captain Kevin Ramos to say "big or small, we do them all."

All donations from the car wash went to the club and NFD t-shirts were also sold separately, with all the funds from those sales going to the NFD Union.

For the Boys & Girls Club, $2,432 was raised. For the NFD Union, approximately $2,400 was raised.

Below are some photos taken throughout the day.

IMG 6241
IMG 6245
IMG 6248
IMG 6252
IMG 6254
IMG 6258
IMG 6263
IMG 6272
IMG 6273
IMG 6280
IMG 6281
IMG 6283
IMG 6289
IMG 6296
IMG 6303
IMG 6305
IMG 6306
IMG 6324
IMG 6363
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