Powerboat Capsizes in Nantucket Harbor

Jason Graziadei •

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A powerboat capsized off Hulbert Avenue in Nantucket Harbor Saturday afternoon.

Nantucket Harbormaster Sheila Lucey said no one was on board and there was no fuel spilled when the boat capsized. Two people who were at Jetties Beach and witnessed the incident told the Current that the boat capsized "within two minutes."

Lucey said the boat's battery and bilge pump may have died but the cause of the incident is uncertain at this point.

The boat was salvaged on Sunday by diver Chris Fuller and the Nantucket Moorings crane barge. The T-top of the boat was heavily damaged, and the motors had been completely submerged.

Carl Bendiksen, who was on-hand for the salvage, said the cause was "probably flooding through (the) stern from channel wakes and malfunctioning bilge pumps. Ferry wakes have been a constant problem on (the) Hulbert Avenue mooring field."

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