10 Things That Are Harder To Look At Than Ocean-Based Wind Turbines

Grant Sanders •

To the editor: Your recent, well-crafted editorial on the Vineyard Wind renewable energy project south of Nantucket featured a lot of information about how big and unsightly having these turbines in our backyard will be. So, in the interest of balance and perspective, I offer a list of 10 things that are harder to look at than ocean-based wind turbines.

  1. Marine mammals and birds struggling in an oil spill.
  2. Sandbags around coastal properties due to sea level rise.
  3. The insides of a coal miner's black lungs.
  4. The lab reports on water supplies in communities impacted by fracking.
  5. The wounds of soldiers from wars fought over oil.
  6. Rising property insurance premiums due to the increase in the frequency of devastating coastal storms.
  7. The once beautiful views obscured by hazy smoke from wildfires across North America.
  8. The rising cost of food due to drought and unpredictable storm damage.
  9. Bleached and dying coral reefs from ocean acidification.
  10. The faces of our children and our children's children when they realize we have squandered their futures for our own selfish convenience and comfort.

Maybe we should start thinking about the entire planet as our backyard and stop worrying so much about our particular, privileged view?

— Grant Sanders

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