A Moment That Forces Us To Look At The Truth

Brooke Mohr •

To the editor: Our community has once again been forced to open our eyes to the disturbing reality that the use of racist language happens here. Words matter. Words cause harm.

So many of us never have to personally experience the pain that these words inflict. I believe we all bear the responsibility to protect our entire community from this type of harm. I sincerely hope that we can use this experience as a reminder that we should be proactively working to make sure that all of us and our children are educated about the history and ongoing experience of racism endured by some members of our community.

I hope we can provide safe opportunities for those who have been harmed to speak their truth and to be heard and that we find ways to do better all the time, not only in these moments when we are forced to look at that truth.

Brooke Mohr

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