Faux Outrage Over Snell Hiring Has Gone Too Far

Joe Grause •

To the editor: The level of faux outrage over the confirmation of Leslie Snell’s contract and the NP&EDC’s “ignoring the voice of the people” has really gone too far.

Did the NP&EDC fail to follow open meeting rules appropriately? Yes, they did. Did the State Attorney General’s office specify how to rectify the situation and get back onsides? Yes, it did. Did the NP&EDC follow that guidance in the public meetings on March 18 and 25? The answer again is yes.

Leslie Snell has worked for the town for 20 years and has probably forgotten more about Nantucket zoning and development than some “national search candidate” will ever learn. She’s a dedicated and talented public servant who has earned the position she worked so hard to achieve. Good for her and congratulations.

The town of Nantucket couldn’t operate if there weren’t the dedicated employees, elected officials, and volunteers that serve and support the many boards and committees that make our government go. I served on the Finance Committee for nine years and watched these folks contribute hundreds of hours working on a wide range of issues.

Rather than be the object of conspiracy theories and suspicion, they deserve our appreciation and thanks.

Joe Grause

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