Are Nantucketers Really "Seasick" Over Topless Beaches?

Jason Graziadei •

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Dorothy Stover, the sponsor of the gender equality on island beaches initiative. Photo by Kit Noble

Nantucket voters famously endorsed topless beaches island-wide at last year's Annual Town Meeting. But that vote did not become the law of the land until former Massachusetts Attorney General (and now Governor) Maura Healey signed off on the legality of the bylaw, which she did in December.

Now the stage is set for Nantucket's first summer with the topless beaches bylaw officially on the books. What will it be like?

The Boston Herald weighed in over the weekend with a story headlined "Some Seasick Over Topless Bathing Season on Nantucket" and a drop quote that "It's like having a free strip club."

One problem we saw, however, was that the article quoted a grand total of one person. So Nantucket Current put up a poll on our Instagram page Sunday asking how people felt about upcoming summer on the island with the new bylaw. More than 5,000 people have voted so far, and here are the results:

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