Chamber Of Commerce Favoring Money Over People

John Penrose •

To the editor: I found it shameful that the Chamber of Commerce is openly lobbying for passage of (article) 59. I understand its mission of promoting the business community, but has the Chamber forgotten that Nantucket is at its heart a community of neighborhoods?

By supporting 59, the Chamber is telling us that it’s all about money with zero interest in protecting neighborhoods.

Why doesn’t the Chamber promote a move to zone the entire island as Commercial. That’s essentially what they’re doing by supporting 59 at least in regards to real estate. Why not go all the way in support of businesses by eliminating all residential zoning? Why have any protections against running a business in a residential neighborhood?

I’m a retired businessman. I support our local businesses and admire the hard work that goes into building a successful business.

But I have no respect for this Chamber’s political stance in favor of money over people.

John Penrose

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