Chamber Of Commerce: Vote "YES" On Article 59

Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors •

To the editor: At the heart of the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce is our commitment to Nantucket’s economic vibrancy and supporting our local business community. While the issue of Short-Term Rentals is complex and emotionally-charged, STR’s drive commerce and are critical to Nantucket’s tourism infrastructure.

The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce believes that a “yes” vote on Article 59 would have the least disruption to the current rental habits on the island and is in the best interest of commerce and our small business economy. We encourage you to support your fellow members with a “yes” vote on Article 59. To learn more about STR’s and Article 59 please visit the Advocacy page on our website.

Our Board of Directors acknowledges the diversity of opinions of our members and hopes that members will have their voices heard by voting on this important issue.

Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

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