I'm Voting "NO" On Article 59

Anne Lingeman Davis •

To the editor: If the greatest and best use, certainly the most profitable one, of a house on Nantucket is as a full-blown STR, then what happens to the historic fabric of our island? What do we lose when maximizing the footprint, butchering up a lot, shoving in as many structures as possible, chopping up bedrooms and finally the worst assault of all removing the core of the house, the grand 18th century chimney for the sake of a little more room? 
Have some forgotten or failed to acknowledge that the entire island is a National Historic Landmark and there is a cost associated with major build out? The island’s historic character draws people here in the first place and we are losing it in the blink of an eye to over development.

Vote No on Article 59

Anne Lingeman Davis

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