Demolition Of Fountain Was A Message To Island Community

Maureen Searle •

To the editor: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video can be worth 100,000 words. Normally, I do not watch videos but a YouTube video was provided of the white truck as it struck and demolished the iconic fountain at the foot of Main Street.Anyone viewing this video cannot doubt that the driver intended to demolish the fountain.

The truck, going at high speed, intentionally aimed at the fountain before taking it out. This was not the typical act of a drunken driver. That person might meander down Main Street, and not seeing the fountain, hit it but probably not explosively demolish it. I will let the court do its work. But it worries me, and it should worry everyone, that someone would commit this act.

This, to me, seems an act of rage. A large truck was used as a weapon. But the truck was not without a driver. That person, whoever they are, needs help. For the sake of the community, and its safety, that person needs help.

I interpret the demolition of the fountain—an extremely important Nantucket symbol—as a message to the community. The town should listen, and act appropriately.

Maureen Searle

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