Nantucket Soccer Club Announces Donation For Indoor Athletic Complex Feasibility Study

Nantucket Soccer Club •

To the editor: On behalf of the Nantucket Soccer Club, we are thrilled to announce our commitment to donate $30,000 towards a feasibility study for the proposed indoor community athletic field house. This generous contribution has been made possible through a grant provided by the Nantucket Golf Club, and we are excited to play a part in advancing this important initiative for our community.

As an organization deeply invested in the well-being and development of our youth, we recognize the tremendous impact that a facility of this nature could have on the lives of our young athletes and the broader community. The potential for year-round access to high-quality athletic facilities is a prospect that we believe will not only benefit our current players but also inspire future generations to embrace active, healthy lifestyles.

We are grateful for the opportunity to support this endeavor, and we look forward to working collaboratively with the town of Nantucket and other stakeholders to ensure the success of the feasibility study and the eventual realization of the indoor community athletic field house. These funds are restricted solely to payment of a feasibility study and will be delivered once the study has been approved by the Select Board. If, for whatever reason, the study is approved, but does not move forward, we would expect the funds to be returned to Nantucket Soccer Club.

Thank you for your dedication to enhancing the quality of life on Nantucket, and we are eager to contribute to this exciting project.


Nantucket Soccer Club

Ian Graham Phil Taylor
Christopher Skehel
Jennie Cook
Rose Marie Samuels
Doug Lebrecht
Kim Latlippe
Justin Quinn
Sarah Moe
Eric Anderson
Rebecca Becker
Erica Kiley

NOTE: this letter was originally sent to the Select Board and town manager.

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