It Is Crucial To Hold Elected Officials And Governmental Bodies Accountable

Ronald Beaty •

To the editor: As Benjamin Franklin once wisely stated, "It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." This fundamental principle is essential to ensuring that government serves the public interest. Unfortunately, those in government sometimes forget that they are accountable to the people. As a result, it is crucial for citizens to remain vigilant and actively participate in holding their elected officials and government bodies accountable.

If you suspect that a public committee, board, or commission meeting has been conducted improperly or that resulting decisions may be contrary to the public interest, it is your right and responsibility to take action. Filing an official Open Meeting Law complaint or seeking guidance from the Attorney General's Office, Division of Open Government is an essential step in promoting transparency and accountability.

Don't hesitate to reach out to the Division of Open Government via email at or by phone at (617) 963-2540 to report any concerns or seek assistance. By doing so, you will be exercising your civic duty and contributing to a more open and responsive government.

Ronald Beaty
West Barnstable

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