Vote "YES" On Article 59 To Preserve The Island's Small Businesses

Jose Partida •

To the editor: To preserve small businesses on Nantucket, we must vote "YES" on Article 59 at Town Meeting. I hope my story will resonate with your readers.

I left Mexico more than two decades ago in search of the American dream, and I found it on Nantucket. Sadly, an irresponsible crusade financially backed by a wealthy off-islander now wants to turn it into a nightmare.

Since 2000, I have been the owner of a successful landscaping business on the island that employs more than 20 workers, and nearly half of our projects come from owners of short-term rental properties. These customers allow my family and employees to live on Nantucket and spend our hard-earned paychecks for goods and services with other small businesses on the island. Our seasonal economic engine, fueled by short-term visitors, works quite well.

I do not understand why there is a movement on Nantucket to ruin the livelihoods of so many people, decimate our seasonal economy and erode property owner rights.

If short-term rentals were to be severely restricted to the point of nearly being illegal, many small businesses – including mine – may be forced to close and lay off workers. We cannot let this happen to our beautiful island community.

That’s why I urge all my fellow business owners, friends and customers to vote "YES" on Article 59 at Nantucket Town Meeting on May 7.

Jose Partida

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