Faces Of Nantucket: Wilbert Barber Shop

Charity Grace Mofsen •

Wilberts Barber Shop 12
Photo by Charity Grace Mofsen

Meet the guys at Wilbert's Barber Shop on Amelia Drive: Wilbert Garcia, Marvin Chambers, and Luis Acosta.

Years on Island: Wilbert 18; Marvin 24, and Luis 1. 

Favorite thing about Nantucket:

  • Wilbert: quiet, education, great place for families
  • Marvin: uniqueness, quiet
  • Luis: quiet, great place to work/achieve the American Dream

Originally from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, the team at Wilbert’s Barber Shop is living their version of the American Dream. Marvin has been on the island the longest at 24 years, taking Wilbert under his wing when he first arrived 18 years ago.

After outgrowing their time at Joe’s Barber Shop on Pleasant Street, they decided to go into business together and Wilbert’s Barber Shop was born in 2010. Luis arrived on Nantucket last year to join the shop, and has given Wilbert and Marvin an opportunity to strengthen their team - or their brotherhood as they call it - and share what makes the island so special with a new washashore. “With hard work, you can achieve the American Dream," Luis said.

Wilberts Barber Shop 14
Wilberts Barber Shop 18
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Faces of Nantucket is our new portrait series by Nantucket Current contributor Charity Grace Mofsen spotlighting members of the island community who make it a better place to live, work, and play. We’ll be sharing a new edition each Friday. Do you have someone you’d like to nominate for this series? Email us at nantucketcurrent@n-magazine.com

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