Current Waters: End Of Summer Fishing

Capt. Carl Bois •

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With this cool weather we’re really starting to feel fall. The fishing conditions continue to be great, so why not get out on the water.

Last weekend we had another great Bluefin Blast tuna tournament. The tournament weekend had good fishing AND good weather – a perfect combo. Topspin had a great crew and we made a decent showing. I want to thank Jonas Baker for putting together the tournament every year. His motto goes something like family, fun, friends, and fishing and that is how this tournament went. And congratulations to Absolute Sportfishing for the win!

I always look forward to this tournament each year. But just because the Bluefin Blast is over doesn’t mean that the tuna fishing is done. For the rest of the fall we still look forward to great tuna fishing ahead.

I was also fortunate to be asked to participate in the 19th Annual Nantucket Slam to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (September 11-13). This was a fantastic, fun tournament for a great cause. The company was good and the generosity of spirit helped raise money for a worthy case. This two-day competitive catch and release tournament is designed as a “Slam”; the goal is to land three species by one angler in the same day. It’s a combination of striped bass, bluefish, bonito, and/or false albacore. Nantucket is one of those rare special places where a Slam is attainable – a similar goal to the Nantucket Inshore Classic.

I’ve never been a part of this tournament before but it was an honor to be included. Some boats really got into the fish, some weren’t as lucky. That’s the characteristic of fishing in the fall. Anyone can have greatness or times of struggle. We have to weed through the bluefish for albies. A little rain and wind hampered us on the first day. Topspin caught a good amount of fish and had a blast for a charter accomplishing the goal of the tournament.

A reminder that fluke season closes on September 29th. With only a couple of weeks of fluke fishing left, go get them while you can. We’ve still been getting them so it is worth going until the season closes.

There’s been a strong showing of anglers, especially youth, in the Nantucket Inshore Classic. Check out the updates and weekly leaderboard here.

I would like to give a “head’s up” to the proposed speed restrictions put out by NOAA Fisheries related to Right Whales. The proposed rule would significantly expand vessel speed restrictions in an attempt to protect the North Atlantic Right Whale. Any boat greater than 35’ and longer would have to go less than 10 knots (11.5 mph) from November through April or May from Florida to Massachusetts. Trying to get offshore under such conditions would leave no time for any actual fishing. This has the potential to affect commercial, recreational, and transportation along the water. Does this go for our ferries as well?

We’ll have more on this topic in the future, but, for now, here’s a link to more info. The comment period for the proposed rule is open through October 31. This is crossing some boundaries that will hurt many facets of coastal communities. This is extremely concerning to me. Hopefully everyone’s voice can be heard.

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