Current Waters: Football Tuna And Porbeagle

Capt. Carl Bois •

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Now that it’s July 1st, summer is in full swing. There is a lot of fishing action to be had. The string of warm summer days this week has raised the water temps and changed things up a bit.

Bluefish fishing is still solid. This past week we found them in all directions. They are keyed in on smaller bait right now. Stripers are definitely feeding on small to micro baits as well making it a bit trickier. So play around with your presentation and downsizing.

The black sea bass are here and people have been getting them. As bottom feeders, the methods and presentation for these guys will be different. They’re moving around a lot chasing the bait.

Fluke is still pretty slow for this time of year. People are picking away on some fluke, but hopefully it will continue to improve.

The tuna have recently arrived and have been put on the deck of some boats. That’s what we did with our first tuna charter of the season as did Albacore Charters. It should be a great season. It’ll only get better from here. The smaller tuna that you can keep from the recreational fishery are great for sharing.

Tuna poke, ceviche, sashimi, sushi rolls. Have a tuna steak “walk across the grill’ for a seared outside and raw center to dip in dynamite sauce or light soy sauce. Perfect for a summer BBQ or beach picnic.

While out tuna fishing you may run into another strong and powerful fish – the porbeagle shark. They have some of the same diet as bluefin tuna and so they are often found in the same waters. Porbeagle are sometimes under-appreciated mostly by those annoyed while focusing on big tuna, but they can be a fun fighting fish. Plus many say they are great tasting.

The porbeagle is a species of mackerel shark in the family Lamnidae, distributed widely in the cold and temperate marine waters of the North Atlantic. Gray above and white below, the porbeagle has a very stout midsection that tapers towards the long, pointed snout and the narrow base of the tail growing up to about 8 feet.

The porbeagle is fast and highly active. It can be solitary or found in groups. They are also one of the few species known to perform seemingly playful behavior. Another toothy creature you may get to see when out off-shore. You can get an early start on shark week (which starts July 11th).

Fourth of July on Nantucket means a lot of things to different people. In addition to celebrating our independence, the Fourth on the island can be full of traffic, crowded beaches, and possibly a water fight. For boaters, the water can feel just as crowded.

This is a good time to remember that there is plenty of ocean out there. There will be lots of boaters out on the water this week of all experience levels. Let’s slow it down and pay attention. We don’t want any boating accidents. Be safe on the water and know the rules especially in and around the harbor. If you don’ know them, look them up. There’s no reason not to give everyone plenty of room on the water. And for those of you that are anchoring on beaches, keep in mind the tides, so you don’t find yourself high and dry.

The weekend may not be great weather-wise, but there is still some hope. And the fish usually don’t mind getting wet. Ha ha ha. Monday looks good for our Nantucket fireworks display; the first in three years.

There is nothing quite like fireworks from a boat. The perfect combination of dark skies, quiet water, and the light show overhead. There may be fewer people on the water than at Jetties beach, but it will still be crowded once the fireworks are done. Give everyone a wide berth and take your time getting back into shore.

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