Field Hockey Loses To Dennis-Yarmouth 2-0

David Creed •

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Photography by David Creed

The Whaler field hockey team lost to the Dennis-Yarmouth Dolphins 2-0 on Tuesday. It was a 1-0 game until DY added an insurance goal with 1:04 remaining in the final quarter. The performance, albeit ending in a loss, was an impressive one that saw Nantucket going toe-to-toe with a DY team that was able to beat the Whalers 4-0 earlier in the season.

Head coach Dan Weber was singing his team’s praises following Tuesday's game for how they played and the clear improvement they have shown from the beginning of the season to now. It is a welcome sight for a coach that knows the state tournament is right around the corner, with just three regular season games remaining.
“I thought we played really, really good,” he said. “I thought we controlled the game at times. I thought the intensity was super high. It felt like a playoff game. I think it is good preparation (for the tournament). We have three regular season games remaining and we will need that same intensity.”
“That is a really good team. We would have loved to pull out a tie or a win. But I think we got to take the positive out of it. We are still trying to develop that finishing touch in front of the net.”
DY’s first goal came with just 2:54 left in the first half. The Dolphins didn't have much room to move when the ball was on their stick. Nantucket played strong in the midfield with players such as Caroline Collette, Caroline Allen, Maddie Lombardi, Carley Ray, Suz Peraner, Audrey Manning, and Lily Remick standing out.
But when the ball did get to the Whaler’s end, freshman goalie Shelbi Harimon was up to the challenge. She made several high quality saves throughout the match, with a few excellent leg saves in the final quarter to keep their deficit at one and give Nantucket a chance to tie the game as the game entered its final moments.

"I think (Shelbi) has been great all season and for a freshman it is really an awesome thing to see," Weber said. "Going forward here I think we are going to be blessed with a few years here with some solid play in goal."

The Whalers are right back in action today, October 25 when they travel to Falmouth to take on the Clippers at 4 p.m.

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