Jim Hurd Honored For 7 Years As President Of Nantucket Student Lacrosse

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Jim Hurd was honored at the Nantucket Student Lacrosse Awards Ceremony earlier this week for his 7 years leading the program as its President. Hurd will step away from his role next season, but has left an impeccable mark on Nantucket lacrosse over the course of his time in the seat, helping the sport grow to 164 boys and girls in grades 1-8 at this time.

Beginning next year in Hurd’s honor, the NSL will establish the Jim Hurd Sportsmanship Award. New President of the NSL Gary McCarthy said the award will be given to one male and one female NSL player each year.

“This Sportsmanship Award will recognize and honor those players who demonstrate the values of respect and integrity through their actions directed towards both teammates and opponents,” McCarthy, who was the former president of Darien, CT’s youth lacrosse program from 2000-2005, said. “Nominees must have consistently demonstrated the values of respect and integrity as Jim has done in his 7-year career as the president of Nantucket Student Lacrosse.”

Hurd insisted following this honor that the girl’s sportsmanship award bear Jami Lower’s name and not his own.

Lower, the varsity girl’s lacrosse coach, has been a pillar in the island’s lacrosse community for years. Her team will play a final four match this Friday, the first in Nantucket Athletic’s history, and Lower is as big of a reason for this team’s success as anyone.

“Jami has been integrally involved in the girl’s side of Nantucket Student Lacrosse and with great success,” McCarthy said. “Jim asked that everyone give Jami a warm greeting and a ‘thanks coach’ when you see her around town.”

McCarthy’s Darien, CT program is one of the largest in the country with over 1,000 players. He hopes his five-year experience overseeing its operations will allow him to seamlessly move into his new role as the NSL President.

McCarthy spoke highly of the NSL’s board, calling each member a dedicated volunteer.

Aside from Lower, he mentioned varsity boys lacrosse assistant coach Sam Chambers and his contributions to lacrosse on the island. McCarthy said Corey Gammill, another assistant coach for the boys high school team, will also join the board next year.

Matt Dwyer is another new NSL board member and also brings experience with him to the seat after previously being the President of Weston Youth Lacrosse and an owner of the Boston Cannons.

McCarthy said one of the board’s goals is to make its lacrosse program accessible to the Nantucket’s kids irrespective of financial capability. Starting in 2022, NSL will introduce a Learn to Play program called the “Little Whalers,” which will be free of cost along with all the required lacrosse equipment.

“Next year, and beyond, we will look to dig deeper into the pool of Nantucket’s youth to give everyone and anyone an opportunity to play lacrosse and be part of our lacrosse family,” McCarthy said.

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