Photo Gallery: 1st Annual Culkins Cup

David Creed •

IMG 1536

The 1st annual Culkins Cup took place over the weekend at the Nantucket Ice Rink to honor the life and memory of Ernie Culkins, the beloved longtime island resident who tragically passed away in April.

Following the championship game on Saturday, there was a tailgate with a food truck, bar, and several silent auction items including Boston Bruins tickets, golf club passes, hockey gear, a 2.5-5 hour charter with Starr's Charters, Fusaro's gift certificate, and customized Nantucket wooden signs.

The winner of the championship was "Team C" who won the title game 6-5 over "Team D."

Below are the players on the championship team and the runner ups.

Team C (Champs):

Alex Patten
Ben Jenkinson
Canton Jenkinson
Jeremy Jenkinson
Matthew Finlay
Chris Cothran
Sami Lester
James Lester
Ethan Wing
Zach Boss
Jack Gammons
Keith Jones
Garry Caruso
Patrick O'Toole
Catherine Warren
Haleigh Johnson

Team D (Runner Ups):

Griffin Starr
Ryan Davis
Cam Gammill
Simon Johnson
Keith Johnson
Jack Billings
Ben Billings
Buff Shuttleworth
Carter Snell
Austin Starr
Mike Dyment
Jay Wittes
Paxton Fitch
Austin Minoff
Buzz Polchinski

Below are some photos taken by David Creed during some of the tournament action.

IMG 1489
IMG 1495
IMG 1508
IMG 1514
IMG 1515
IMG 1516
IMG 1517
IMG 1518
IMG 1525
IMG 1528
IMG 1553
IMG 1586
IMG 1602
IMG 1616
IMG 1649
IMG 1661
IMG 1663
IMG 1683
IMG 1705
IMG 1727
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