Photo Gallery: 2023 Nantucket Hockey Foundation Tournament

David Creed •

Scott 2023 Hockey Foundation Tournament
Former Whaler boys hockey head coach Scott Corbett getting ready to drop the puck during game one of the 2023 Nantucket Hockey Foundation Tournament. Photo by David Creed

The Nantucket Hockey Foundation held their annual hockey tournament this weekend with Team D coming out of the four team bracket as the winners.

The players on the winning team were Corey Gammill (goalie) Zach Moran, Hudson Perry, Charlie Davis, Braden Knapp, Colby O'Keefe, Andrew Lavin, Emerson Pekarcik, Grace Gibson, Paxton Finch, David Pekarcik, and Jackson Agnello.

Below are some photos taken during two of the tournament's games.

IMG 4602
IMG 4567
IMG 4661
IMG 4612
IMG 4473
IMG 4390
IMG 4354
IMG 4377
IMG 4507
IMG 4555
IMG 4639
IMG 4648
IMG 4734
IMG 4749
IMG 4761
IMG 4769
IMG 4792
IMG 4796
IMG 4807
IMG 4815
IMG 4842
IMG 4845
IMG 4857
IMG 4870
IMG 4886
IMG 4891
IMG 4893
IMG 4912
IMG 4921
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