Reese Everett Named Next Whaler Football Coach

David Creed •

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Reese Everett (left) talking with assistant coach Brian King during preseason last year. Photo by David Creed

The Nantucket football program has a new head coach to lead them into the future and no, it is not Bill Belichick.

Coreese "Reese" Everett has been hired to become the next head coach of Whaler football. Everett has been an assistant coach for the Whalers the past two seasons and was a star football player at Springfield Central, where he graduated in 2017.

Everett told the Current on Wednesday the players were his top source of motivation to apply for the job. He feels confident the Whalers can return to their winning ways with the group of athletes within the program and coming up from the middle school level.

“These kids inspire me day in and day out," Everett said. "Just the talent that they have and their energy to be great. Being in the position where I was where I can only coach a certain few of them, I wanted to be in a position to inspire all of them to be great and to want to aspire to play at the next level. That was really my mindset for putting in and I'm so excited that they're ready to go.”

While young, Everett quickly gained the respect of this team and showed an ability to relate to the players – which was apparent both on the sideline of games and from the social media love being expressed by his players following the announcement Wednesday afternoon.

Everett will also have one notable veteran coach returning in Mark Willett, who several players expressed over the course of the search as being an excellent candidate for the head coach position himself if he had pursued it. Willett will once again oversee the defense and provide an experienced voice for Everett on the sideline.

When it comes to building the program back up to prominence, Everett stressed the importance of understanding every player’s individual situation and using football as a motivational tool for his players to achieve in various areas of life. He knows that being able to develop connections with his players and be a shoulder for them to lean on will go a long way in helping his players maximize their abilities.

As for what he wants a Reese Everett football team to look like on the field, Everett said he wants to get back to old-school Whaler football.

"The team that we had in the past is the team that I want, I just want to mold them into a different type of team,” Everett said. “I want them to have a different perspective on the way things should be and most importantly, discipline. A lot of these kids, they didn't understand what discipline is and why it's important not only on the football field but in life. We want to be in a position to motivate these kids to not only get their diploma but find interests outside of football because not everyone wants to play at the next level. Not everyone has the talent to play at the next level. But just to get there and be able to step into the real world and be ready to go, I want to prepare them for that.”

Everett said he is continuing to evaluate his staff but wants to have a larger staff that can give coaches the flexibility to spend considerable time with one specific position group and provide more one-on-one instruction.

"My vision right now for the coaching staff is a coach in every position possible because I do want as many athletes as possible as well,” he said. “That right there is going to help with the load of being able to get everyone reps and experience. From there, of course I'm going to have a JV program but we're going to be heavily involved on the varsity level. I want everybody to compete and try to make varsity whether they be a freshman, sophomore. I'm not really looking at seniority. I'm not looking at upperclassman-ship, I'm looking at hard work, dedication, and people who actually want to play. When it really comes down to it, no spot is secure.”

As for all of the Bill Belichick to Nantucket chatter, Everett certainly heard it. He acknowledged there is an open invitation for Belichick to swing by Vito Capizzo Stadium anytime he wants.

“Listen, he can take the reigns. I'll give him the crown right away. I would love to learn from that guy if he ever came by so if that ever came to be, Bill Belichick will be that guy,” Everett said laughing. “I respect him as a coach and you know, as a leader as well. So if that did happen, he would have the keys easily.”

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Reese Everett (left) alongside Brian King (middle) and Mark Willett (right) during an away game last fall. Photo by David Creed
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