Swim Across America Nantucket Raises $525,000 For NCH, Cancer Treatment

David Creed •

Photo Jul23 94928 AM

Swim Across America Nantucket raised $525,000 on Saturday, smashing their initial goal of $500,000. SAA is a nonprofit dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention, and treatment.

It was a successful 10th annual swim with a large turnout. These funds, which are expected to be even higher than 525K when the official count is complete, will go towards the Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket (PASCON), so cancer patients can be treated on island.

The event first came to Nantucket ten years ago for a 25th anniversary swim, which SAA Nantucket directors Jill Roethke and Jim Pignato participated in. In 2013, Pignato and Roethke made the decision to keep SAA on the island. They have been the catalysts for this annual event that has raised over $3.4 million for beneficiaries such as NCH and PASCON.

Both Roethke and Pignato are motivated to raise funds for cancer after cancer struck people close to their hearts. Roethke’s husband, Steve, had just been diagnosed with cancer in 2012 just before the SAA swim. Pignato’s mother was a cancer survivor, but his father was in the midst of his own battle with colon cancer. He passed away in 2013.

If you missed it, you can read the full story on Roethke, Pignato, and SAA here.

Below are some photos from Saturday's event.

Photo Jul23 91939 AM
Photo Jul23 91631 AM
Photo Jul23 90353 AM
Photo Jul23 91228 AM
Photo Jul23 91402 AM
Photo Jul23 91234 AM
Photo Jul23 90522 AM
Photo Jul23 91021 AM
Photo Jul23 85543 AM
Photo Jul23 85800 AM
Photo Jul23 85250 AM
Photo Jul23 84108 AM
Photo Jul23 85338 AM
Photo Jul23 83854 AM
Photo Jul23 83101 AM
Photo Jul23 81817 AM
Photo Jul23 81146 AM
Photo Jul23 81845 AM
Photo Jul23 82450 AM

Photography by David Creed

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