Whaler Sports Roundup - September 6 & September 7

David Creed •

There were three Whaler sports teams in action Wednesday and Thursday, with two of them walking away with victories. The varsity golf team began their season on a high note and the volleyball team earned their second win of the season. The varsity field hockey team began their season on Thursday and despite a late surge, came up just short against Dennis-Yarmouth.

Golf Beats Dennis-Yarmouth In Season Opener

The Boys
Photo courtesy of Sam Herrick

The varsity golf team had a special opportunity to play at the Nantucket Golf Club Monday afternoon, and they took full advantage of it against the Dennis-Yarmouth Dolphins - beating them 250-300.

“I was very happy with how the boys came out and started the season this year," head coach Sam Herrick said. "All that time and effort in the summer time really paid off."

Herrick said that he has named seniors Braden Knapp, Colton Chambers, and Henry Kathawala as this years captains. Each golfer played nine holes, and the results below are listed by the player's ranking on Monday's depth chart.

1) Cole Chambers - 46

2) Henry Kathawala - 40

3) Braden Knapp - 44

4) Patty Carroll - 43

5) Colby O'Keefe - 40

6) Michael Culkins - 42

7) Ryan Davis - 41

8) Jack Halik - 50

Scores for Golf 090623

Herrick said the performances for O'Keefe and Davis caught his eye in particular - displaying the depth that Herrick believes can help his team win a lot of matches this fall now that the system has changed from a head-to-head system to a points system.

"I was very excited with the play of Colby O'Keefe and Ryan Davis (Wednesday)," Herrick said. "DY had a very young team and they will be good down the road, but we are going to need more out of these guys if they want to compete with a really good school like Barnstable on Monday.”

The Whalers matchup with the Red Hawks will begin at 3:45 p.m. on Monday.

Volleyball Sweeps St. John Paul II 3-0, Improves To 2-1 This Season

Vicky Todorova
Photo by David Creed

The Whaler volleyball team made quick work of the St. John Paul II Lions Wednesday afternoon, beating them in straight sets 3-0. Led by senior captain Chloe Marrero's 10 kills, Nantucket won the sets 25-11, 25-16, and 25-20.

"First set we just blew them out of the water. They weren't ready. Rhi Cranston ripped off like nine straight serves to put us in really good position and I told the girls lets just play ball control and keep the ball in play," head coach Andrew Viselli said. "They started getting a little sloppy three quarters of the way through. As one of my favorite players said, we thought we were too good. So we began making mistakes and SJP was capitalizing on them and made it closer than it should have been."

"Then we go into set two and it's complete chaos," Viselli added. "Kids don't even know how to play volleyball anymore. They're tripping over each other. No one knows what position they're in. It's like a comedy of errors and so you're just sitting there because when they're going through that, there's nothing to say. They need to figure it out on their own because if I start yelling at them, or giving them instructions, and they're already confused, they're not processing any of it. So they did a really nice job to come out of it. Chloe dropped a couple bombs. Alice (O'Banion) was amazing at the net first, second, third sets really. That was some really good volleyball from her and then Cranston was solid all around and just had a great day."

Viselli said set three began on a positive note, but SJP began making plays and made it a close set before the Whalers ultimately pulled away with a victory.

Nantucket, now 2-1 this season, will be in action again on Monday, September 11 when they travel to Bridgewater to play Div. 1 Bridgewater-Raynham at 3:30 p.m.

Field Hockey's Late Surge Comes Up Short In Season Opener Against DY

Caroline Allen
Photo by Chris Tran

The Nantucket varsity field hockey team kicked off their regular season Thursday afternoon against Dennis-Yarmouth at home, but lost 3-2 despite a late Whaler surge. The heat was strong, forcing mandatory water breaks in the first three quarters.

"I think we had them on the ropes there late in the game but it's kind of been our bugaboo is we got to start better," head coach Dan Weber said. "We spotted him two goals essentially. I don't care who you're playing whether you're playing one of the top programs in the state or you're playing a smaller school, it doesn't matter. You spot a team two goals, it is going to be hard to come back. So we were battling uphill all day. I do think we played very well in the second half."

"We were the better team without a doubt," head coach Elizabeth Weber said. ""Our passing was better. Our goals were better. Our goals were real goals. They were actual real shots. All of their goals came off panic in front of the net from our defense."

Caroline Allen scored Nantucket’s first goal after DY jumped out to a 2-0 lead. Sam Zadroga scored the second and final goal. Zadroga brought the Whalers within one with just under seven minutes to go, and a gassed DY team appeared to be vulnerable.

"They just need to know that they can do it," Elizabeth Weber said of her team. "They're so talented and I think that they have it in their head because we've never been this good. We've never had this much talent and depth. There's not going to be anybody on that team riding the bench this year. Everybody is of value. So I think the girls that are coming off the bench are a little panicked when they go in and they need to gain some confidence. I think we have some younger girls that need to get used to being responsible for a full 60 (minutes) and understanding you have a job when you go in. So it is just confidence and experience. I think it'll come with time. I don't think that this is by any means an indication of the rest of the season."

The Whalers will look to earn their first win of the season when they host Dighton-Rehoboth on Saturday, September 9 at 10:30 a.m.

Photography below is by Chris Tran from Thursday's field hockey game.

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