40th Pole Partially Closed To Beach Driving Due To Shorebirds

Jason Graziadei •

DJI 0129
Photo by Hugh Robbins, Drone Nantucket

One of Nantucket's most popular beach driving destinations is now partially closed due to the presence of federally protected shorebirds.

Vehicle access #45 at 40th Pole, along the island's north shore, is now closed to beach driving by the town's Natural Resources Department and the Land Bank, which also owns property in the area.

40th Pole can still be accessed by vehicle at access #45A, and exited at access #46. 

IMG 8990

The town advised that the area remains open to pedestrians, and requested that beachgoers stay outside the "symbolic fencing," which refers to the typical shorebird fencing that goes up every summer at locations around the island consisting of posts and string mounted with educational signage around a protected species nest or critical habitat.

The site will be monitored daily by the Natural Resources Department to minimize the duration of the restriction.

It joins Smith's Point and Eel Point, which were also recently closed to beach driving due to the presence of the protected shorebirds.

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